What is the TRE-SMS system?

“This system is amazing, and exactly what we really need”
Turki Al Shabanah (Executive Director of Rotana TV Channels)

TRE-SMS System project that we have is a vital program, a multi service, work to receive text messages SMS, MMS, from users around the world (the ordinary people have mobile phones) and store their messages in a large database then convert the messages to the television channels, and vice versa, send any messages from the channels or customers to the end user.
The current system of television channels is that they receive SMS chat and votes as applications of the dozens of numbers for various mobile companies in the Arab world. i.e. that there are 30-56 of companies dealing with TV programs by Arab television channels. User has to wait to see a number that through which he can send a message to the TV, in many cases, this process takes the user 3:46 minutes to find his/her specific number. If the user misses the number he/she has to wait again! In many cases the user losses the mood and enthusiasm to wait more, it will not matter to send SMS to TV.

With our system there will be a number and only one visible number on the screen, this number is easy to memorize. The end user will not have to wait to see the appropriate number to his country and his mobile company. The unique number will be shown on TV continuously or intermittently, and perhaps will be remembered always next time, this means that there will be more SMS to send to the channels. And also there will be space for other ads or ad bar provided by the system.

There would be one simple and easy number to use for example (+2040 2040 or 5060 5060) for each channel, regardless of the number of programs that use SMS system, whether chat or votes Applications.

Our company has exclusively dealt with the providers that after a short time period, this number can be shortened into 5-6 digits. Our company holds the right to decide which number(s) to hand out to clients. This means, for example, if MBC TV-channel would like a number (55 555) or Rotana TV-channel would like (11 22 33) then it can be set up for them!

Dr. Mowaffaq Tahir, general manager presents TRE-SMS system with Dennis Buijsman the project manager

How does it work?

The system works simply and clearly in that the number, the short-code will be entered, and will setup some data such as: whom that figure for? Of belonging? From which country? How much it costs? For any program? Any television channel? etc. And will not be entering the name of the mobile company, because the system will recognize automatically the number of any mobile company and from any
country coming. Also will introduced Key Words for each program to make the system recognize each SMS sent to which program.

Here the channel will get one unique number instead of the dozens of numbers that is now used in each program, showing on TV quite clear to viewers; therefore they can send SMS easier and faster.
Set of features will not be limited to only television channels, but definitely will return these profits for mobile companies when the SMS’s are doubled to each program, or to TV channel.

System Features:

  1. The unique number will be easy to memorize and always clear on the screen, making it easier to send SMS to the TV channel, program.
  2. Receive messages from all over the world and not only from the Arab world.
  3. Each SMS sent to the unique number of each channel, the sender receives a thank you reply from the same channel, even if their company has a mobile that does not supportMT. Thus enhancing the credibility and communication between the channel and its viewers.
  4. Provide space (bar) ad on the TV screen.
  5. The votes and chat applications are basic in the system. Chat is very advanced and can be managed easily. And the control can see what has already been displayed on the screen or what is expected to be displayed on the screen (history), also recognizes automatically the messages in three languages, Arabic, English, and French, and therefore can be sent to the Control to correct or read the message.
  6. Sending messages from the TV channels to their viewers into a specific date, or to specific viewers, from a specific country, etc. such as special announcements of the channels.
  7. Specialized staff at The Red Elephant will be on management and maintenance of the structure of the database and the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The staff will always update and upgrade the software and hardware servers with the latest version.

The system Requirements:

– For the TV channel: a computer with a normal VGA card, and regular Internet.
– For end user, the viewer: regular mobile.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us, or give our general manager an email!